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Geosolve was founded in 1983 by Dr Daniel Borin. He is the author of the Geosolve suite of programs, SLOPE, WALLAP, and GWALL.

Geosolve customers are familiar with the high level of customer service provided by Dr Borin. A prompt, efficient and expert response is the hallmark of Geosolve customer support.

Brief history
The Geosolve SLOPE program was first released in 1982. In 1987 the powerful Slope Stability Analysis capabilities were augmented with Reinforced Soil Analysis and Design options. The first Windows version of SLOPE was released in December 2003.

Geosolve's flagship product, the Retaining Wall Analysis program, WALLAP was first released in October 1985. WALLAP grew rapidly in popularity and with the release of the Windows version in February 2002 has confirmed its place in the UK and many other countries as the de facto industry standard.

Our programs are user-friendly and are supplied with comprehensive
User Manuals. An advisory and back-up service is provided.

Daniel Borin    MA, PhD, CEng, MICE